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Tips for Moving a Hot Tub To Another State

There are few things more enjoyable than slipping into a foamy, bubbly tub of hot water after a long, hard day of work or play. As your muscles start to relax, the tension, stress, and troubles of the day start to melt away. That is until you decide to move cross-country, and you’re faced with the painstakingly difficult decision of what to do with your beloved hot tub.

Although it’s honestly much less work and hassle to simply leave the hot tub where it stands and purchase a new one once you arrive at your future destination, this isn’t always an option. Hot tubs can be an expensive investment that you’re not quite ready or financially willing to part with. Plus, bringing your hot tub along with you on your major move, might make the transition to an unfamiliar area a little less intimidating, as your tub could provide that sense of comfort and familiarity to your new home. If you don’t want to hire professionals like Decatur long distance moving companies to move it for you, here’s how to do-it-yourself in four easy steps:

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin moving anything, you will need to gather up a few supplies, including a couple of 4×4 lumber scraps, an appliance dolly, electric screwdriver, tow straps, two furniture dollies, and a few strong bodied helpers, capable of handling some heavy lifting. Cheap Movers, a provider of Atlanta moving services, recommends having at least four strong men on-site to help. Next, you’re ready to begin the actual hot tub transferring process.

2. Disconnect the Tub

Disconnect the electrical power supply to your hot tub by shutting off the gas and water supply lines on the spa panel and unplugging all of the cords, carefully gathering the cords into a neat, manageable coil to prevent them from dangling and causing a tripping hazard. Next, you will need to drain the water out of the tub completely. Once all of the water is drained, thoroughly dry the tub and then tighten the drain plug securely back in place. Remove the cover using an electric screwdriver and store in a safe place where it will not be prone to damage during the move.

3. Move the Hot Tub Onto Lumber

Place a volunteer in each corner of the hot tub and ask them to lift their corner of the tub one at a time, off of the ground and onto a 4×4 piece of lumber. The tub should now be resting on the lumber. If the path to the moving truck is flat and unobstructed, then your hot tub can be safely strapped and secured to the furniture dollies and slowly wheeled over to the moving truck. If the ground is bumpy and or uneven, an additional step of carefully tipping the hot tub onto its side, sliding the appliance dolly underneath the tub and then securing with tow straps  needs to be taken. Tipping your tub is dangerous and difficult, as a hot tub weighs hundreds of pounds, so using proper safety and lifting techniques is crucial in ensuring that no one is injured. This goes for rolling the hot tub up onto the ramp and into the back of the moving truck. Always have a spotter ready to catch and assist if someone loses their footing, balance or grip on the tub.

4. Transport and Install

Upon arriving at your destination, it’s time to unload, transport, and install your hot tub by carefully following the above steps in reverse order.

Finally, once your hot tub is set up and ready for use in your new home be sure to reward yourself with a congratulatory soak.