Advice from the Best Boston Local and Long Distance Movers

Advice from the Best Boston Local and Long Distance Movers

Services by the Best Boston Movers for Local and Long Distance Moves

When you decide to move to a new place, a moving company can help you to relocate your belongings from one state to another. The moving firm must have the capacity to offer planning, packing, transport, and unpacking services. Your mover should ensure that your items reach the intended destination safely and even offer insurance if the loss or damage of your household property occurs. To ensure a risk-free relocation, you need to follow the following tips:

Planning-Avoid Headaches and Disaster

Any long distance move is no joke. You will need to consult a professional mover to plan the relocation if you do not want pitfalls on moving day. First, you must decide whether the company you consult has the experience in both the local and long distance moves. Then, make sure they carry the proper credentials and licensing to move you!

Purchase Insurance for your Belongings

The best Boston moving services for local and long distance moves know that transporting stuff across thousands of miles in trucks poses significant breakage risks. Statistics from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) show that over 80% of the moves in the United States do not invite any damage claims. However, 20% of the moves result in compensation claims. As per the Federal law, the mover’s liability is only $.60 for every pound. Instead of relying on the basic coverage, you can purchase the full-value coverage to guarantee the replacement of the damaged property.

Packing Services for the Long Haul

The best movers have crews to pack in special boxes to cushion your items from damage. The crew also tie and seal the high-quality moving containers to avoid any shifts along the way.

Personal Documents and Sensitive Items

You must remain with the personal items, such as the social security card, driver’s license, birth certificates, and passport. The client may need bank statements, pay stubs, or tax returns any time. Your clothes and hygiene products must not be put in boxes too.

The Outdoor Furniture

Inspect the outdoor furniture for pest infestation before the packing process. You may need to decontaminate the property before the move.

Never Pack the Liquids

Perishables oils can dirt or stain leading to a messed up move ‎, so you had better not load any liquid.

Classify the Belongings and Mark the Moving Boxes

Having marked boxes into which to pack each category of items saves time during the unloading.  This Quincy mover recommends that you group your household belongings by room or purpose, and also have specialty boxes on hand for the delicate and breakable possessions.

Read the Delivery Window Keenly

The moving company can take up to 20 days, the holidays and weekends excluded, to deliver your belongings. It is wise to carry the items you need as you wait for the moving truck to arrive.

Prepare the Move-in House

Whether you plan to move into a rented apartment, condo, or your own house, you must get the residence ready. You must ensure that the water, gas, and electricity connections work to your satisfaction. You will then inform the mover that you are good to go.


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